About Us


Exotique Blends is a multifaceted company in the beauty industry. We specialize in providing an extensive luxury cosmetic line with a full range of high quality products to our consumers for their beauty and skincare needs. Exotique Blends also provides a platform in which our consumers can receive regular skincare maintenance to help keep their skin healthy, get tips on how to use our products and demonstrations on application through our Makeup Artistry and Esthetics Services.

At Exotique Blends our products are exclusively made in Canada. We pride ourselves in using only the highest standards of pigments and skin-perfecting ingredients in our beauty products. We believe that skincare should be free of harsh and harmful chemicals and as natural as possible. We believe that skincare should be nurturing to the skin, easy to use, smell good and feel incredible. Skincare should not be complicated and should be as close to what Nature had intended because Nature knows best and we believe you, the consumer deserve the best.




Exotique Blends is exclusively made in Canada. It is an extensive luxury full range, cosmetic line that provides both skincare and makeup products. Our skincare line, Exotique Blends, named after the company is a botanical based skincare line whose main focus is the face. It is gentle, uncomplicated, extremely effective and easy to use. Just pick your skin type, use the products daily and love your skin. It is 98% Botanical. Our skincare line is also continuously expanding to include more body care products as well.

EWA (EH-Wah which means Beauty in Yoruba) is Exotique Blends makeup line. EWA specializes in high quality products with an extensive colour selection. We use only the highest standards of pigments and skin-perfecting ingredients to allow you to put your best face forward. Our over achieving formulations have you covered with a variety of textures from sheer to full coverage, to lightweight and long-wearing. The makeup line offers products that are paraben free, hypo-allergenic, sensitivity tested and fragrance free. We have 4 annual colour stories with new products being introduced: Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday in collections unlike any other.