Passion Bath Bombs

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128.00 Grams

Our Passion bath bombs are sweet and sexy with Lotus Petals, Amber, Succulent Plum, Creamy Sandalwood and Ripe Raspberries.

Pink in colour with black speckles. Quite large in size. Slightly smaller than a tennis ball. Approximately 4.5 oz (128 g) in weight.

They are shrink-wrapped to preserve freshness and to prevent damage; A porous shrink wrap is used so you can still smell the bombs through the packaging!

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Espom Salt, Citric Acid, Sucrose, Sweet Almond Oil, Phthalte-Free Fragrance Oil and Witch Hazel. Contains: cl 45430 and black 1.


Buy our luxurious bath bombs in multiples of 48 & 16 (max order of 16) & receive a $1.00 OFF each bath bomb!  

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